Top 9 Mumpreneurs in Health and Fitness you should follow on Instagram

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February 8, 2018
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Top 9 Mumpreneurs in Health and Fitness you should follow on Instagram



In a bid to strengthen the Mumpreneur Community, we recently lauched a web roubdup where we run polls on instagram to find out the industry leaders and influencers in the community. We launched this with the health and fitness sector, knowing that a lot of mumpreneurs are building empires in this space and more importantly changing lives.

After a week of collating instagram votes and another week of reaching out to the shortlisted Mumpreneurs, we arrived at a list of 9 (as opposed to 10, there’s a back story there, lol! Dms..). Let me present to you, the top 9 Mumpreneurs in health and fitness to follow on Instagram.


Adedamola Ladejobi

Adedamola Ladejobi is a certified Personal Nutritionist and a Weight loss Expert. She is the Founder/CEO of ASKDAMZ, a weight management, health, and wellness company. She has used her successful lifestyle change and platform (both physical and social media) to touch the lives of thousands of people around the world. She works full time as a wellness Coach ensuring that She explores her client’s greatest health concerns,weaknesses and goals. Thereby using these obstacles in achieving set goals.

She is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Nigerian Supreme Court with an LLB Law degree from the University of Exeter, a BL from the Nigerian Law School and a Diploma certificate in Nutrition. She is also a Health and Wellness Speaker and who has been invited to speak at reputable events such as WIMBIZ, All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum, The Evolving Woman 2.0 and many others.

Damola Ladejobi has built her platform from her passion to help people achieve their desired weight loss goals and has touched the lives of so many men, women and children by helping them live a healthier lifestyle. She’s a strong believer in women empowerment and she uses her platform to promote and encourage small start – ups businesses.


Dr Chinasa Amadi

Dr Chinasa Amadi is a wife, mother of 2 girl- Ariella and Adele. She is a medical doctor, certified weightloss coach and Nutritionist and Most recently an Author of the Book ‘EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT’.  She is the founder of Ariella Health and fitness ltd. A healthy lifestyle aimed at ensuring a healthy generation one person at a time. She is a motivational speaker and ardent lover of God.





Dr. Ezinne Meribe

Dr. Ezinne Meribe is a wellness coach who through her own journey of being overweight and hating everything about her body now empowers women who have long desired to live in bodies they are absolutely in love with. Her mission is to liberate more women from living in bodies they’d rather not wake up in. Her mantra own it, love it and live in it fabulously embodies the belief that most women don’t really want to lose weight, what they really want is to be comfortable in their bodies dressed, undressed or standing in front of a crowd.




Daniella Akpakwu

Daniella Akpakwu is a holistic health coach and founder of wellnesspatron ,a health and wellness centre. She is known for her prowess in functional nutrition and in helping people overcome dietary and lifestyle disease with food. She believes that food should be functional and can help  the body to heal itself. After helping her husband overcome type 2 diabetes with functional nutrition, she started the Diabetes Begone Protocol, a program  designed to help people manage and defeat diabetes.





Bunmi Oladipo George

Bunmi Oladipo George is a Dietician, Fitness Trainer and Coach, and the Founder of ShredderGang, a uniquely professional nutrition and fitness company committed to helping individuals lead healthier and happier lives through bespoke approach.

She is an alumnus of the University of Toronto, where she obtained two Bachelor’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and Dietetics.

One of Africa’s youngest and brightest in her field, Bunmi established ShredderGang without financial capital at 22, drawing inspiration from her own personal weight loss adventure and subsequent transformation. She has since grown the organization to be one of Nigeria’s largest commercial weight loss communities, replicating her wellness testimony in many other people.

Her passion to help people discover healing in their innermost souls and physical bodies motivates her to speak regularly on various platforms on issues bordering on hope, healing, health. She authored ‘Wholesome’, an exposition on the gracious love of God, guiding women in their journey from brokenness to wholeness; and she is a regular contributor in The Guardian Newspaper where she furthers her mission, writing to enlighten people on how to lead healthier and happier lives.

A well-celebrated expert, Bunmi was recognized as One of Nigeria’s 100 Most Inspiring Women by Leading Ladies Africa in 2017, among her other accolades. She has also been featured on several national dallies as well as popular magazines and blogs in the country including The Punch, The Guardian, Bella Naija, Kombini, Omojuwa, Ynaija, Today’s Woman, to mention but a few.



Mosope Idowu

Mosope Idowu, aka Bethel Fit Mum is a child of God, wife and mother of two. She is a Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness and Nutrition Coach who works with mums all over the world, helping them to improve their fitness, nutrition, confidence, and overall health during and after pregnancy and beyond.  Bethel Fit Mum offers services both in person and online.






Olajumoke is the founder of The Health Place, a company birthed out of her passion for holistic and wholesome health.She is referred to as  *Olajumoke the Herbalist* Ola has an interesting background in chemical engineering and an MSc in Global Human Resources Management with work experience spanning more than a decade in Engineering; H.R and I.T. She is an Emotional Intelligence; Fear Mastery and Anger Management coach. The vision of the Healthplace was conceived ten years ago after her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer.A general check up was advised and Ola was diagnosed with fibroids and lumps in her left breast.

It was a huge wake up call – and she embarked on a personal journey of natural alternatives. Today; not only is Ola in the best shape of her life; she is healthier and all diagnostics reversed naturally.

She credits and believes that nature has the answers to all ailments and is passionate about educating; informing and providing natural alternatives to everyday ailments.

Ola embarked on a healthier lifestyle journey which had completely transformed her life and she’s on the journey to ensure everybody lives their best lives too – Naturally without breaking the bank; hence @thehealthplace_ slogan which is “Passion over profits”.


Chinwe Obinwanne

Chinwe Obinwanne is a professional content marketing developer/Copywriter with one of Nigeria’s top non-financial institutions,  director of operations at Dozzy Couture( a male fashion line) and fitness trainer/ founder of Naijafitmoms. She’s happily married and blessed with three children. She understands the importance of fitness to the health of every mum and started Naijafitmoms to help women and mums especially love their bodies/health enough to care for it, stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.





Lola Udabor

Lola Udabor is a hospitality professional and Certified Life Coach. She is the founder of Trim & Fettle a company which provides healthy lunches, baked goods, healthy food coaching, private cooking classes and healthy food retreats. The brand was born out of Lola’s love for food and her desire to eat healthier whilst helping others too. Lola is about faith, food and fitness. She is a complete foodie who loves to cook up a storm. She is also a fitness junkie. Lola believes that one should eat to live and not live to eat. She decided to take things up a notch in 2015 by focusing on healthy living. Lola upped her cooking game, trying out healthier meal recipes. Her love for food increased and Trim & Fettle was created in 2016




Mofolusade Sonaike is the CEO of and Creative Director of, a network of mum owned businesses that delivers capacity building and support. She's an entrepreneurship advocate and coach as well as an entrepreneurship content creator

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