Exposing your brand in the 21st century

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December 10, 2018
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Brand management  involves all the activities involved in controlling how a brand is perceived in the marketplace. It is most effective when a business owner is clear on what his or her brand is offering.
At the core of branding in the 21st century is storytelling. The advent of social media have offered every business, no matter how small, a platform to continuously communicate with their target audience. This is why being clear and consistent is very important today.
New media methods that small businesses can take advantage of to expose their brands in this 21st century include, viral video marketing, blogging, YouTube content creation, Instagram content marketing amongst other social media platforms. 
Branding should be inside out, you can’t window dress a brand and sustain it. All the marketing activities can attract the customer, but the experience the customer has when he or she comes in contact with the brand face to face, determines whether you can keep the customer or not. Beyond this, word goes out fast and customers trust testimonials from real people. So as much as ensuring the look and feel of the brand is perfect, business owners should put systems and processes in place to ensure that customers get an experience consistent with what they promise online.
Branding only translates to sales when done properly and consistently.

Mofolusade Sonaike is the CEO of Branded.ng and Creative Director of Mumpreneur.ng, a network of mum owned businesses that delivers capacity building and support. She's an entrepreneurship advocate and coach as well as an entrepreneurship content creator

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