Mission Statement

To provide an enabling platform and build technical know-how for mothers owned businesses to thrive.

Vision Statement

To Create a strong network of mothers across Africa who build and dominate the business world without sacrificing the homefront.

For so many years we Mothers have been underserved and neglected. In the corporate world, we are skipped for promotions because of the demands of motherhood and sometimes are made to make hard choices between attending to our homes versus the job. In the business world, we are cut out of key networking events, because the environment or timing is not baby friendly or we can’t get baby sitters. As mothers, we all have our dreams and aspirations but it can get really tough such that for some it’s virtually impossible to manage the home front and run a successful business.

Many times, working women leave behind the stress of corporate life to pay attention to the needs of raising their kids as well their family needs. Some take the path of running their business from home. The downside for many is that most times they earn significantly less in self-employment then they did as salary workers and sometimes not sufficient enough to provide them with the basic economic security. These women struggle so hard to find a balance between work and life outside of the security of predictable income.

Mumpreneur .ng Group Inc. (aka Mumpreneur) is here to support, educate, and empower such mums. Apart from supporting and showcasing mum owned businesses our e-learning platform, Kickassmum.com provides an enabling platform for capacity building so that mothers owned businesses can thrive.

The Mumpreneur.ng network encourages and facilitates:

  • Connecting members to other women and businesses across Nigeria
  • Providing affordable ways for female entrepreneurs to promote their businesses
  • Advocating for female entrepreneurs and women in business both locally and nationally
  • Creating an online presence for female entrepreneurs in one centralized location
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Tell us about the
challenges you face

As a mumpreneur we want to know more about the challenges you face while running your business - which will be addressed on our social platform

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