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A step by step guide that will help you build a strong personal brand in less than 30 days.

Shine like the star that you are!
You are remarkable and you deserve a seat at the table.
Listen! Attention is gold in this world that we live in.
If you have something to say or sell, you need to get the right attention and hold it.
Without a strong personal brand, you cannot draw and keep the attention of your tribe.

This Course is for you if:

  • You are ready to take ownership of the narrative around your life.
  • You are a business owner looking to attract your clients with your influence.
  • You are looking to position yourself for job opportunities and career advancement.
  • You want to impact the world with your initiative or idea.
  • You want to build authority in your niche and be positioned as the go-to expert.

Imagine If:

  • You can discover yourself and identify your strengths so you can leverage them.
  • You could identify, attract and connect with your ideal audience.
  • You are able to articulate your unique offering and present it in a simple catchy statement.
  • You have all it takes to establish yourself online.
  • You Understood how to project yourself in a noisy world.
  • You had access to the platforms and tools to help you grow your own tribe.

The truth is that You have to show up in your uniqueness to attract and retain your own tribe.

Beyond my personal learning experience, hear from these people I have worked with in the past

Are you?

  • Shy? ( I was a very very shy teenager, even up until marriage).
  • A private person who wants to keep their family and private life out of the media? (Of course, unless this is part of your work, you can keep the parts of your life you don’t want out there, away. YOU decide what goes out, take control) .
  • Feeling like you are bragging when you share your achievements? (Unless you are telling lies fam!! These are your achievements, OWN it!).
  • Thinking that you have nothing to offer? ( You would be surprised. Just because something comes easy to you and you have taken it for granted, doesn’t mean it is easy for everyone else)

If any of the above sounds like you, you are not alone.


My clients have gone ahead to build and grow global brands


I have seen them win over and over again and thriving daily


They have been featured on national and global platforms

In This Course, You will learn my 7-part Framework for building a Personal Brand

  • Framework One – Discover You
  • Framework Two – Find Your Audience
  • Framework Three – Articulate your Brand Story
  • Framework Four – Define your USP
  • Framework Five – Develop your brand Assets
  • Framework Six – Project Your Brand
  • Framework Seven – Kickstart your Content Creation Engine


Your Investment – #50,000 or $130

This course is built on practical lessons from how l built my personal brand as a “mumpreneur” online and offline. It will include details on how I was able to attract media mentions in notable publications such as The Guardian newspaper, Business Day, Bellanaija, leading ladies Africa and much more.

Are you ready to grow your personal brand?

Hi I’m Mofolusade, aka Mumpreneur.


Founder and Ceo of Mumpreneur, branded and chief announcer for Kickass Mums. I help Mums build their dream Business, get known locally and globally without sacrificing their family.

I love to see women fly and this has always been my mission.

I built my brand from scratch and have learnt what it takes and my vision is to help women do the same.

I love my space, yoga and you know the rest!

When you sign up for this workshop, You will also get these bonuses:

  • 3 Group Live Calls.
  • Access to a Private Telegram group.
  • Series of Workbooks and Worksheets that will help you craft your unique brand.
  • Discounted website hosting and development package with Whogohost.


Trust me, I understand your situation. I didn’t have to lobby or beg for any of these mentions and recognitions. A strong personal brand can get you this too and I’m here to hold your hand.

My Personal Guarantee and Refund Policy!

I’m sure you will love the BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND COURSE, and if you don’t then no hard feelings. If you follow the 6-part Framework and end up still feeling overwhelmed with putting your brand out then I will refund you the cost of the programme!

No long-term commitment and pretty much no risk.

Get in here!


Is this accessible on all devices?

Yes, this is an online course and when you purchase, you can access it using any device that has an internet connection.

How long will I have access?

How about Forever? cool

Is there a Support community?

Yes, we have an exclusive community that you will get access to when you sign up.

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