Mumpreneur's Hangout

Mumpreneur's Hangout

The mumpreneur's hangout is a face to face meetup for mothers in business to come and discuss issues that affect their businesses and family lives with no holds barred.

The hangout is aimed at fostering relationships amongst mothers in business, because they understand each other best. We hope that Mumpreneurs find avenues to collaborate and work together. The circle style discussions help the mothers share life experiences and learn from one another so that we can all do better and be better. Of course kids are allowed and taken care of, afterall we are mumpreneurs.

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Benefits of attending the
Mumpreneur's Hangout

Shared Knowledge
The mumpreneur hangout is a platform for sharing ideas in different areas. Mothers can learn from one another, get answers to questions that have been bugging them from others mothers and glean from each others different experiences.
A saying goes, its not WHAT you know, but WHO you know. This saying applies in business. The hangout provides mumpreneurs with a great source of connections. Connections make the world go round. We are all four people away from everybody we need to meet in life.
Opportunities for collaboration
When a motivated group of mumpreneurs come together, lots of opportunities such as joint ventures, partnerships, speaking and writing opportunities, exchange of services and much more come to fore.
Referrals/Increased Business
Nothing grows your business better than referrals and word of mouth. The Mumpreneur hangouts help mothers meet with other mothers in business. They get to know about each others businesses and amplify their work through referrals and endorsements.


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